Bill Martheleur

Bill Martheleur


Hi.  I am thrilled that you stopped by my website.  This site is a project fuelled by my  passion for all types of photography and a desire to share my art with you.  The site, as you can see, is as diverse as the places I have visited and the projects I have completed.  I am anxious to have you take a look and I welcome your feedback.

My passion for photography started way back in the 1960’s when my Father bought me my first 35 mm camera at McLeod’s Bookstore, on Charlotte Street in Sydney.  I think it was one that was sent out for repair and never reclaimed! This was my introduction to the art of photography a passion that continues.

My Father, Ray Martheleur, is a well known landscape photographer who travelled throughout the Cape Breton countryside capturing its beauty through the camera lens.  Many days we, under protest would feel obligated to accompany him on his long drives.  His hand-colored black and white prints could be found in various shops throughout Cape Breton and can still be found in homes throughout Nova Scotia and beyond.

From these beginnings I have transitioned through landscape photography to wedding photography and onward.

Welcome to my website.  All images are protected under copyright.